About Us


Miller Mathis is widely recognized as a premier independent financial advisor to the global steel, metals and mining sectors. We represent steel producers and middlemen, and metals and mining companies and projects, around the world.


Miller Mathis has worked for or with most of the major steel companies around the world. Some of our “signature transactions” include:

Zaporizhstal. Our representation of the majority shareholders of Zaporizhstal, one of the largest steel mills in Ukraine, in the sale of their stake to Russian interests for an EV of $1.5 billion.

Villacero. Our representation of Villacero, the owner of the Sicartsa steel mill in Mexico, in its sale to ArcelorMittal for $1.5 billion.

Severstal. Our representation of Severstal in the contest for control of Arcelor, in which we were the only independent bank out of 17 banks engaged by the three major contestants.

Rouge Steel. Our representation of Rouge Steel, the 5th largest U.S. steel company, in its bankruptcy proceedings and in its sale to Severstal.


Miller Mathis is extremely active in the metals and mining sectors, working with leading mining companies around the world, including in Africa, the CIS region, Australia and Canada.

Our experience includes all the metals pertaining to the steel industry, including coal, iron ore and pig iron, plus other metals such as phosphate, potash, rare earths, chrome, manganese, copper, platinum and bauxite, and precious metals including gold and silver.

We review each opportunity thoroughly, searching for companies and projects that we feel are worthy in the marketplace.

We are experienced in M&A and in finding financial and strategic partners for junior miners and development stage companies.

Two of our “signature transactions” in metals and mining are:

New Millennium. Our representation of New Millennium Capital Corp., a Canadian iron ore company, in connection with their JV with Tata Steel.

Otjozondu. Our representation of Otjozondu Mining, a South African manganese producer, in connection with the sale of the company to Shaw River Resources.


As financial advisors we represent a variety of companies and projects around the world, in most cases assisting these companies in finding a strategic or anchor partner.

We have developed relationships with most of the major strategic players and global financial funds in our sectors, and we present worthy opportunities to them on a regular basis. These parties know that we do our own due diligence on the companies and projects that we represent. We try to “connect the dots” for the prospective partners, so that we present only those opportunities that are worthy of their consideration.

In addition to steel, metals and mining transactions, we engage from time to time in M&A assignments in other sectors, taking advantage of our relationships with the global financial funds to present to them transactions worthy of their consideration.